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Map of Mosey Manufacturing Plants in Richmond, Elwood and Dunkirk

Our Plants:

285,000 Square foot facility on 8 acres. Established in 1974, the Richmond plant (Plant 2) is the Hub of our Operations and our largest manufacturing plant.  Plant 2's major customer is Ford Motor Company.  The plant is also our corporate... Read more
100,000 Square Foot Facility on 11 acres. Established in 1998 to support a large GM Expansion, this Focus factory currently serves Ford, General Motors and The Linamar Corporation.
The Elwood plant is a 126,000 Square foot facility on 10 acres. Opened in 2000, this focus factory was established to capture outsourcing initiative at Chrysler Corporation.
Reopened in 2013 to meet increasing Ford Motor Company and General Motors requirements.  This facility currently has 87,000 square foot of manufacturing and warehouse space.  Furthermore, there is additional square footage available for expansion.

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Did you know?

Mosey Manufacturing's mini-piercing mill can produce parts for specific diameters more cost effectively by using less expensive bar stock rather than the more expensive steel tubing.